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Dr. Oetker 

All the products of Dr. Oetker symbolize premium quality, superb taste and success for more than 125 years. It all began in 1891 in the small room of a pharmacy shop in the German town of Bielefeld. It was there the young pharmacist Dr. August Oetker who spent days and nights with his apothecaries’ scales and a mortar, experimenting with different products and ingredients until the moment he elaborated the Backin baking powder. It represents the right amount of baking powder in the right proportion of high quality ingredients mixture, needed for half a kilo flour. Thanks to the numerous testing of his invention, Dr. Oetker was able to guarantee an outcome of always fluffy and successful bakery. This sensational baking powder product started a revolution in the baking of homemade cakes and initiated the development of a wide range of home culinary products. And so it goes like that – for more than 125 years Dr. Oetker Company offers to the market its rich experience and knowledge in the field of home bakery and desserts, winter supplies and culinary facilitation.


Dr. Oetker

The clear awareness and striving for quality of every division of the company is an essential factor for Dr. Oetker’s success. When developing a new product Dr. Oetker applies a number of obligatory measures in order to guarantee the high quality and safety of its portfolio, including research of the highest customer taste requirements, multiple research and selection in detail of the raw materials and their suppliers, tests of packaging and production, protecting the environment and follow up constant control of the quality and safety of the control points during the production cycle. Dr. Oetker’s general rules and quality policy are based on the latest trends and recommendations of healthy nutrition, stringed control of the raw materials and storage of products guarantee its promise to the customers: Quality is the Best Recipe!
Dr. Oetker Bulgaria Ltd has been on the Bulgarian market for more than 20 years, successfully establishing the brand products of Dr. Oetker. The vast portfolio represents products of the following categories: baking additives and mixtures, desserts, cake decorations and preserving additives.


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