ABout the brand


Minerva olive oil is produced from specially selected for the production of olive oil variety of olives – Koroneiki. Thanks to its authentic and rich flavor, Minerva quickly turned into a symbol of high quality olive oil. Minerva is present in the Bulgarian market since 2000, and in 2016 added to its portfolio balsamic products. Today you can choose from a wide range of high quality extra virgin and pomace olive oils, but also from their best table associates: Minerva balsamic vinegars and balsamic cream.

About the manufacturer


MINERVA S. A. Edible Oil Enterprises е водещ производител на зехтин, маргарини, маслини и маслинови пасти, готварски мазнини и хранителни олиа в Гърция. Minerva е пазарен лидер в продажбите в категорията Extra Virgin и един от най – големите износители на зехтин за 30 страни в цял свят.


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