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SODICO is a big Italian manufacturer with an extensive portfolio of cosmetic products for hair and body. Its primary objective is providing good care of the health and beauty of the skin and hair. In response to the demands and requirements of the consumer, the used raw materials are of natural origin. The company creates its own formulas and the laboratory tests represent an ongoing process of improvement of these formulas, ensuring quality and efficiency. SODICO is one of the largest and most respected manufacturers in its segment in Northern and Central Italy, but its products can be also found in the large supermarket chains in the South. It manages to capture market trends and to be creative in inventing original products. The company carries out a marketing policy with respect to age, habits and desires of the consumers. It pays special care for the future and namely children – developing baby and kids cosmetic products, rich of bio and natural components and guaranteeing high quality.

ABout the manufacturer

SO.DI.CO S.r.l, Italy


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